In a simple way, getting a "second wind" means getting a sudden boost of energy or strength when you thought you were too tired or had lost motivation. It's like a burst of renewed strength that helps you keep going towards your goals.

Most people never run far enough on their first wind to find out they’ve got a second” – William James

1st, 2nd & 3rd February 2024 

Join us for our 3 days Yoga workshop, a welcoming and inclusive environment perfect for beginners and those looking to deepen their practice.

Why choose this workshop:

You do not need prior experience and you do not have to flexible. Beginners are most welcome. 

Hi, I'm Sonal!

I am the founder of Second Wind. When our team and I started Second Wind, one thing we were absolutely sure of is that we didn't want to be just another typical fitspo brand selling quick fixes or generic diet plans without a real understanding. Our specialty lies in incorporating the human element into everything we do.


Personal Training

Fully customized program for individual. Goal based training Focus on diabetic and heart health conditions Strength training, Mobility and Performance improvement

Small Group Personal Training

You are most likely to be surprised here. The lifetime memories and fun times are one of the few outcomes of exercising with friends & families. Best technique to get into the habit of working out regularly is to get yourself accountable by your friends and families.

Workplace Wellness

A bit of Aasana (Physical Practice) and Pranayama (Breathing techniques) into one's workday can be surprisingly productive and transformative.


"Hectic corporate job, tiring travel and one notorious kid would consume most my energy and hence I felt I would never need an addition of a workout ever again in my life as my weight is always balanced. But life always have some surprises for you; lockdown was implemented in India and most of the activities were done in-house. Result- a quick weight gain 😣 ….then comes my hero for my rescue ‘Sonal’. She introduced me to Yoga and other forms of body workouts which were always essential for my body and I have been ignoring so far. The results have been beyond my imagination as my fitness level increased and I could literally realize how unfair we all are to take our body system for granted. So guys go for SECOND WIND without any second thought!"


“I own a retail outlet. My long work hours means I was just putting on weight. Coach Sonal recommended me a mix of Yoga, HIIT and strength training, alongside tips on my diet. The first month was all learning and sweating. But it was worth it. My self confidence and my control on various body parts has increased manifold. This is all due to Sonal’s attention to details. Highly recommend.”


"The way the sessions were planned knowing the capabilities of the trainee. This helped me a lot with being comfortable and crush it every time I worked out with my trainer. I learned alot of techniques and correct postures. 

It was effective, engaging, fun and mindful. The trainer curated the workouts everyday depending upon my strength and capabilities. I never felt pressurized while working out. The correct techniques and postures were so effortlessly inculcated in my workout regime. 

My lifestyle has drastically changed over the period of 3 months. Thanks a lot to my trainer Sonal. She changed my life and prospective towards fitness."

Dr Megha