The story behind...

We all lead unique lives, we all fight unique battles of our own. But one thing I have noticed is that if we have a sound mind in a sound body, the process becomes much more bearable. It’s only the initial hurdles that we need to overcome in order to strengthen our minds and body. And that is the core philosophy at Second Wind.

I want to be there with you through all those initial hurdles and make sure you don’t slack. Once you sail through the rough waters, you are likely to find your Second Wind – A newly found strength.

With that, I want to touch as many lives as possible and clear the taboo around exercising and address the misconceptions about diet. I say this because, there’s a chunk of the population (especially females around the world) still afraid or feel shy or not privileged to exercise due to socio-economic factors, resulting in poor quality of life.

I want to give them an experience of Second Wind.

Sonal Patil

  • Certified Fitness Trainer, National Academy of Sports Medicine, USA

  • Certified Yoga Instructor, Kaivalyadhama, India

  • Pn1 Nutritional Advisor, Precision Nutrition, Canada

  • Masters in Pharmacy, India