Sonal Patil

Founder & Coach

Certified Fitness Trainer, National Academy of Sports Medicine, USA
Certified Yoga Instructor, Kaivalyadhama, India
Pn1 Nutritional Advisor, Precision Nutrition, Canada
Masters in Pharmacy, India

Through Second Wind I want to clear the taboo around exercising and address the misconceptions about diet. I say this because, there’s a chunk of the population (especially females around the world) still afraid or feel shy or not privileged to exercise due to socio-economic factors, resulting in poor quality of life.

I want to give them an experience of Second Wind.

Arijit Chaudhuri


Certified Fitness trainer (coaching clients with obesity), Personal Trainer collective (UK)

Mobility Training, Personal Trainer collective (UK)

Pn1 Nutrition Coach, Canada

I am a fitness and nutrition coach on a quest to help as many people as possible to be the best version of themselves, whether that is through optimal nutrition, exercise, mindfulness or just being grateful for and appreciating the little things we have around us.